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At Champion's Advantage, our passion is providing highly-customized sports and performance mental training for athletes, coaches, and parents. Our process begins with a Free Consultation to determine the best way we can impact each client's individual needs and goals.

We work online via Skype, FaceTime, or by Phone to help develop the following mental skills

Certified Mental Performance Consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Pricing and Packages


5 Session Package

5% off each session


10 Session Package

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15 Session Package

15% off each session

1 Individual Session, post intake: $100

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When learning a new skill, whether a sports skill or mental skill, it rarely happens overnight. It’s something that takes time, commitment, and practice. This is the secret to mastering any skill, which is why we offer high-value package programs to fit every athlete’s individual goals and abilities.

About Us

Our Approach

At Champions Advantage, we offer exclusive mental training programs tailored to meet every athlete’s needs and help them to reach their full potential. From 1-on-1 mental training sessions to team and organizational workshops, our holistic approach to delivering both sport psychology and sport science can be seen throughout our services that offer the best methods to improving performance.

Our approach and training easily apply to performance in school, work and other areas of current and future life.

About Us

Owner and Founder, Christina Wessel, holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from Florida State University. Her clients range from young individuals seeking to learn game-changing mental skills, to professional athletes looking to push their performance boundaries. As a former Division 1 athlete, Christina has utilized her first person experience in competition to create highly effective training programs that apply holistically to sports and overall life success.

The Founder’s Passion

Christina Wessel’s interest in the mental side of sports developed at a very early age. Her first meeting with a sport psychologist was as a young gymnast, where she quickly learned that athletic ability is largely mental, and only a small portion physical. These early teachings not only set her on a path to become a Division 1 collegiate athlete, but also inspired her to devote her life to helping other athletes achieve their greatest dreams and potential.